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Renewables in Romania

Technology, development and market of renewables

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16 februarie 2023

Renewable energy is rapidly changing the energy industry, creating a more diverse sector with huge opportunities for new technologies, new businesses and new ideas. Considering that eventually, the world's oil reserves will run out, in order to be able to maintain the modern standard of living, alternative sources of energy must be developed; one of the readily available and almost inexhaustible sources is renewable energy, hence the increasingly strong interest in the development of electricity production plants through technologies based on renewable energy.

The current course is designed to provide an overview of renewable energy production technologies in order to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each technology and to familiarize yourself with the main stages of a project's development

The course is aimed at people who want to get to know the renewable industry more closely, both from a technical and a business perspective. The participants will know the concept of electricity production from renewable sources and the main characteristics of this industry. They will be able to evaluate at the macro level the opportunities that have appeared in this sector, but also the trends of technologies and new methods of integrating renewables into the current energy systems. In addition, at the end of the course, they will be familiar with the main stages in the development of an electricity production project from renewable sources

Training curriculum


  • Renewable sources used in the production of electricity:

  • Main types of technologies used

  • Main features

  • Advantages/Disadvantages between the use of different technologies

  • Renewable energy solutions that lend themselves best to the conditions in Romania

  • Renewable targets established at national and/or European level

  • The peculiarities of Romania in a regional context and the location of renewables

  • The perspective of renewable energy in Romania 2030-2050

  • Development of an electricity production project from renewable sources

  • The main stages of development, analysis

  • Basic principles of project design

  • Financing and Business Plan

  • Minimum technical and commercial requirements for entering the market


             1200 lei/persoană ;

Discount member AFEER:  

                                780 lei/persoană  sau  4 puncte AFEER+

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