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Basic of LNG

Nivel 2


21 mai 2021

This webinar provides a comprehensive technical and economic review of the Liquefied Natural Gas industry. It make a short overview, from train to consumer grid, including main transport routes and contrating concept.

This course is organized in collaboration with Entrima, founded (2014) to provide a solution to market participants for the influx of regulation of capital and energy markets. Various regulatory packages require staff training; education being a mandatory part of the compliance framework. Interpretation of case studies requires specific knowledge of markets, products, prices and trading, as well as value chains of metals, agricultural products, oil, gas, coal and electricity

To who it concern

The webinar is addressed to people who want to increase their knowledge about LNG industry



  • LNG Introduction, specific properties and hazards

  • Production, storage and transport

  • Main global routes

  • LNG markets

  • Trading and pricing

  • LNG projects, and future trends


  • 750 lei/person;

AFEER members price:  

  • 487.5 lei/person or 3 points AFEER+

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