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Basic of Algorithmic Trading

Level 4

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30 iunie 2021

This course is about the algorithmic trading, the trading concept of the future. In actual market conditions, where short term trading volume is more and more important and taking into consideration market price volatility and increased interest for transaction immediately before delivery interval, the implementation of algorithmic trading becomes more and more preferred in order to reduce errors and speed up price adaptive bidding process



  • What is an algorithm?

  • Order types

  • Classes of trading algorithms; relevant concepts & terminology

  • Algorithmic trading strategies

  • Computer programming and coding

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Robots & intelligent information

  • Machine learning

  • High frequency trading

  • Bandwidth

  • Co-location

  • Order-to-trade ratio

  • Fee structure


  • 1800 lei/pers;

membrii AFEER:  

  • 1170 lei/pers

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