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Power flexibility

Nivel 3

Baze Pech
8 June 2023

The course is held in English 

This course sets out what flexibility in commodity & energy portfolios concerns, by giving attention to embedded business decisions in supply contracts and physical capacity. Attention is given to different forms or varieties of flexibility and how this can be seen as optionality

Power flexibility course cover a range of topics related to the ability of power systems to adjust to changes in supply and demand, including flexibility in physical assets, in supply contracts and other options and contracts.

Throughout the course, participants will engage in discussions and case studies that highlight the practical challenges and opportunities associated with providing power flexibility, including the experiences of market participants and policymakers in different regions and sectors of the power industry. They should also gain an understanding of the broader implications of power flexibility


To who it concerns

The course is addressed to people who want to obtain detailed knowledge about power flexibility, as trading product or a as tool for hedging portfolio imbalances.



  • Flexibility in physical assets

  • Flexibility in supply contracts

  • Embedded options

  • Structured contracts

  • Modelling of embedded options

  • Modelling business decisions

  • Supply contract: Take-or-pay, Volume flexibility, Swing option, ACQ & DCQ

  • Click contract: Price cap, Multiple clicks

  • Supplier portfolios full of optionality

  • Volume flexibility – Modelling, Hedging optionality, Delta-hedging

  • Swing optionality - The value of swing options, Hedging with futures


  • 2200 lei/pers;

For members AFEER:  

  • 1430 lei/pers

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