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Use of AMR by aggregators

Nivel 3

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23 Nov 2023

At the European level, aggregators adapt to rapid context changes. SMIs (smart metering systems) integrate new technologies adopted by producers / consumers and have functions that can adjust the way the Energy System works. Renewables or electric vehicles lead to decentralization and functional interactivity. Commercially, retail flexibility markets help manage power flows and create the market messages that drive behavior change in electricity usage.


Retail flexibility contracts or flexible pricing offered to the end consumer are increasingly popular. This course aims to briefly present the local legislative context, the equipment or platform facilities in Romania and the specific steps for the development of a flexibility product. Meters being the main source of data in the relationship between the aggregator and the electricity user, they are analyzed as a priority. Once the automated SMI consumer communication and registration systems are completed, it is expected that specific platforms will be developed. The purpose of the platforms includes opening up the retail flexibility market for aggregators.  Under these conditions, knowing SMI represents an opportunity for aggregators to be able to build products that include measurement platforms. Practically, the consolidation of the second generation of SMI systems will not be achieved without the involvement of aggregators or consumers. Both the specific European regulations and the latest form of the Supply Regulation include provisions specific to flexible products. Such a product involves adjusting the links of the value chain: planning and tracking or analysis of consumption, validation and primary settlement. The first step is to analyze and adapt the data flows to the new requirements.


The aim of the training session is to describe and explain the role of measurement system components, the legal implications of data use and typical data flows. Subsidiarily, the means available to the aggregator or provider to determine the user's behavioral adjustment are detailed. The main goal being the optimization of unbalanced electricity costs. The course describes the specific elements of typical measurements and the current trading context in Romania. By analogy with European practices, we present the stage of implementation of telereading systems, highlighting the consequences on Suppliers. We will look at product development based on metering equipment and changes in legislation to meet the cushioning of economic shocks in the energy market.

The course is addressed to aggregators, suppliers, companies or people who want to know the measurement process, data exchanges and flow optimization possibilities as a result of the expansion of the SMI implementation program in order to research and develop flexibility products in retail.




Description of connection solutions and measurement systems for aggregators

Specifics to data transfer specific to measurements

"Object Oriented" measurement process

Construction of aggregation products - General legal framework

The construction elements of the measurement products at the aggregator - Specific framework


Costul cursului

             800 lei/persoana ;

Discount pentru membrii AFEER:  

                                520 lei/persoana

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