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Guarantees of Origin in Europe

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 10 apr 2024

The course is held in English 

The RES Directive (2018/2001/EC and its predecessor 2009/28/EC) promote a substantial increase in the proportion of electricity generated from renewable energy sources across the European Union. It also determines that Member States shall ensure that the origin of energy from renewable sources can be guaranteed in accordance with objective, transparent and non-discriminatory criteria.

Guarantees of Origin (GOs) have the purpose of showing to a final customer that a given share or quantity of energy was produced from renewable sources.

The RES Directive requires Member States to give producers the opportunity to obtain electronic guarantees of origin (GO) for energy generated from these sources. Article 19 requires Member States to ensure that a GO is issued on request by producers of electricity, gas, hydrogen, heating or cooling from eligible renewable energy sources, as defined by the RES Directive

Guarantee of origin certificates are cost-effective, flexible, and highly credible. They are ideal for companies that seek a simple solution to reduce their carbon footprint and meet renewable energy targets. The guarantee of origin certificates verify that a given amount of electricity is produced with renewable sources.

Purchasing guarantee of origin certificates is the only way to reliably document renewable energy consumption in Europe. Furthermore, the guarantees of origin market help increase the total demand for renewable energy and enable companies to tell credible stories with reliable documentation about the actions they have taken.

Guarantees of origin is an EU market system, enforced through the Renewable Energy Directive from 2001 and is the only credible way to document renewable energy sourcing in Europe. AIB ensures the credibility of the system.

This course will present an overview on guarantee of origin markets within Europe


To who it concerns

The course is addressed to people who want to get an overview about the market design of GO markets, in order to get better picture about development of such markets and possible further business opportunities



  • Introduction GOs

    • What are GO certificates

    • Regulation

    • GO Price Evolution

    • Supply & Demand Dynamics

    • Benefits GOs

    • Double Counting & Additionality

    • GOs and PPAs

  • Issuance Of GOs

    • Role of AIB (Association of Issuing Bodies)

    • Registries

    • Issuance GOs

    • Transfer & cancellation process

  • European Energy Certificate System (EECS)

    • Functioning EECS

    • Participating countries

    • Development GO trading market

    • How to trade GOs

    • International Trading

  • Future Outlook GO Market

    • Different Countries

    • Increasing number of GOs

    • Price Development

    • Challenges market participants

    • Trade Workflow


  • 2600 lei/pers;

For members AFEER:  

  • 1690 lei/pers

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