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EU Power Market Redesign

Nivel 3

29 septembrie 2023

The course is held in English 

This course highlights the Commission proposals to reform the EU electricity market design to boost renewables, better protect consumers and enhance industrial competitiveness.

EU had an efficient, well-integrated electricity market for over twenty years, allowing consumers to acquire the economic benefits of a single energy market, ensuring security of supply and stimulating the decarbonisation process. The energy crisis started by the invasion of Ukraine has underlined the need to quickly adapt the electricity market to better support the green transition and offer energy consumers, both households and businesses, widespread access to affordable renewable and non-fossil electricity.

In this course we will discuss about proposed reform which foresees revisions to several pieces of EU legislation – notably the Electricity Regulation, the Electricity Directive, and the REMIT Regulation




  • The March 14 Proposal

    • Current Status

    • The Way forward

    • Impact energy crisis

    • For consumers

    • PPAs​

    • Key Market principles

    • Market-based prices;

    • Equality of technologies;

    • Enhance flexibility;

    • Independence of NRAs

  • Highlights Proposal

    • Marginal pricing

    • Promote renewables

    • Different types of retail contracts

    • Consumers sharing electricity

    • Consumer protection

    • Peak Shaving

    • Flexibility Support

    • Long Term Contracts

    •  CfDs for support schemes

  • Proposed REMIT Market manipulation Rules

    • Changed to some definitions

    • Manipulating benchmarks

    • Individuals could also be guilty

    • Publication on IIPs

    • New rules on algo trading

    • On-site inspection right for ACER (Dawn raids)

  • Final Q &A Discussion


  • 2200 lei/pers;

For members AFEER:  

  • 1430 lei/pers

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