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PPA Agreements with renewable producers

Nivel 3

iunie 2022

The "PPA Agreements" course takes place online, being designed to provide participants with details about energy financing contracts.

In the current context of intensifying the interest in investments in electricity production, it becomes very important to know the PPA type contracts that are the basis for obtaining the financing of these objectives. These contracts guarantee the bankability of the respective project, guarantee the financing part that it can recover his investment, being a critical part in the procurement phase of the project. Negotiating such a contract takes a long time and requires knowledge of the possibilities of these types of contracts.


This course is organized in collaboration with Entrima, founded (2014) to provide a solution to market participants for the influx of regulation of capital and energy markets. Various regulatory packages require staff training; education being a mandatory part of the compliance framework. Interpretation of case studies requires specific knowledge of markets, products, prices and trading, as well as value chains of metals, agricultural products, oil, gas, coal and electricity



The seminar participant benefits from modern interactive teaching methods, benefiting both from the access to a top learning platform in this field and from the presence of a lecturer with practical and theoretical experience.

Students who pass the exam can choose to be registered as a Chartered Professional on the Entrima charter

At the end of the program, in addition to the knowledge gained, students remain with access for one year to the Entrima interactive learning platform, being able to access any course in it.



  • Project financing

  • Bankability

  • Roles

  • PPA obligations

  • Timing requirements

  • Tariff structures

  • Invoicing and payment

  • Risks - Allocation and mitigation

  • Force majeure

  • Insurance

  • Dispute resolution


  • 2000 lei/pers;

For members AFEER:  

  • 1300 lei/pers

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