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Derivatives - options

Nivel 3

26 may 2023

The course is held in English 

The "Derivatives – Options " course provides all fundamentals of options, including the working of these instruments, both from the position of the holder and writer, option valuation, factors of influence and settlement of contracts, as well as the financial performance of positions. Will speak about exercising of option and the related assignment and settlement, and also will set out how options can be hedged with term contracts. Will go through a general overview of all fundamentals of non-vanilla (or exotic) options, including their specific characteristics and what they could be used for, and will try to exemplify a option strategy


To who it concerns

The course is addressed to people who want to obtain detailed knowledge about options, as trading derivative instrument or a as tool for portfolio hedging



  • Position management

  • Premium to compensate risks

  • Option trading

  • Contract specifications

  • Position management

  • Intrinsic value, premium and valuation

  • Exercise, assignment and settlement of options

  • Put/call options

  • Exotic options overview

  • Valuation model

  • Strategies


  • 2200 lei/pers;

For members AFEER:  

  • 1430 lei/pers

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