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Basics of electricity 

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More than 650 suppliers, traders, producers and distributors of electricity are licensed in the electricity market in Romania. Besides these, there are a large number of companies providing services in the field of electricity. All these companies need the staff, even if they do not carry out activities strictly related to the main field of activity, to know at least at the basic level this field so that they understand the role of the company in the cycle of production - transport - distribution - supply - consumption of electricity .

Thus, at the request of AFEER members, we organize a familiarization course for those who do not have basic training in the technical field, with the field of electricity. In this course, an overview of the field is made, starting from how electricity is generated and up to how it is consumed

Acquired competences: 

The student will know the basic elements of electricity, namely its production, transport and use

Training curriculum:

  • Electric power system

  • Direct/alternating current, voltage, power, active energy, reactive energy;

  • Energy balance (production = consumption, frequency);

  • Single-phase/three-phase system

  • Load curve;

  • Electricity production

  • Types of power plants

  • Electricity transport

  • Electric stations


  • Power lines and transformers

  • Use of electricity

  • Types of consumers.

The cost of the course
300 lei/person;

Discount for AFEER members:

195 lei/person or 1 AFEER+ point

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